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Stocks Or Real Estate Investing?

For those on the outside, real estate can seem an intricate, even arcane field with strange rules and even stranger conventions. But by virtue of the fact you are reading this article on real estate investing, you already suspect that stock...

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6 Tips to Remember When Flipping Houses

Whether you are new to real estate investing or your veteran, sometimes it is good to get back to basics. Here are a few tips to remember when flipping real estate. Real estate investing is a  great way to earn money. There are thousands of courses to...

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Differences Between a Hard Money Loan vs. a Mortgage Loan

Hard money loan vs. a mortgage loan; they are both for real estate, so what is the difference? There is a significant difference when it comes to a real estate hard money loan vs. a mortgage loan. While the term real estate can refer to any property, a hard money loan...

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